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inTime Professional Training Course LIVE via VIDEO LINK with Tracey Butler

Too expensive to travel but don’t like web based prerecorded trainings?  Then this is the Course for You! It’s in real time, you can ask questions, interact with the other trainees it will feel like we are all sitting in a room


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inTime is a rhythm-based music listening method designed to stimulate change ➢ In self regulation ➢ Sensory motor function ➢ Rhythm awareness ➢ Focus & Attention ➢ Timing ➢ Adaptive responses to stress ➢ Sensory Processing

inTime is a compilation of original compositions, based on a blend of world music with diverse percussion, string, and wind instrumentation, which accents the power of rhythm and sound frequencies. inTime provides an adaptive process of personalized listening training and specific movement activities using body, drum, and voice so your listeners keep the beat, and flow with the rhythms of daily life.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes: ➢ Cite research supporting the use of rhythm within inTime. ➢ Demonstrate foundational competence in program planning, including personalizing listening protocols and incorporating activity options, using drum ➢ Explain how to implement the inTime listening and activity protocols with a client. ➢ Explore drumming, movement, and vocal activities

inTime provides progressive rhythm-based training across four frequency zones, stimulating different brain areas and their related functions during the course of your personalized listening schedule. The training emphasis is well balanced, making inTime adaptable for people of all ages, supporting social & emotional function, auditory processing, communication, executive function, creative expression, motor coordination, stress response, selfawareness, musicality, and more.
The ability to synchronize movement to a steady beat relates to the brain’s response to sound. Musical training with an emphasis on movement synchronization to musical beats may improve brain synchrony, with the potential to benefit children with reading difficulties and other auditory- based language impairments


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