About Us

The mission at Links to Learning is to enhance the health, learning, cognitive function and productivity of those who are seeking to realize their full potential.

The principal belief of our work is based on 'Neuroplasticity' which is the brains ability to change.

We offer an evaluation to understand potential underlying causes of why an individual is experiencing challenges or not developing as expected

This simple checklist below will quickly give you an indication of the types of challenges we can typically support.

Auditory Processing Difficulties

Sound Sensitivities

Sensory Processing Difficulties

Speech and Language Delays

Reading and Spelling Challenges

Poor Social Engagement


Attention Difficulties

Motor Coordination Challenges

Poor Learning Outcomes

Brain Injury

If the above resonates then it’s time to organise an initial appointment for us to gain an understanding of your needs and the potential underlying cause of those difficulties.

NDIS participants across Australia with self-managed or plan-managed funding can access some of our programs.

If you are unsure whether or not you’ll be able to access this program please

contact us.

Tracey Butler
Director, Practitioner,
Trainer & International Speaker

Learn more about  our Director Tracey Butler and read her recently published Research - the largest study of its kind ever to be completed in the world.

For over 20 years, Links To Learning have had an international alliance with Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) and ABT are continuing to develop innovative products which are a result of over 30 years of clinical research by experts in the field. ABT have the latest neuroscience and music research available.

Hayden Butler
Administration and Therapist

Hayden is my youngest son, and is continuing the legacy of my work that started 22 years ago when he was just a small baby.

Hayden is in a unique position as he has witnessed the benefits that Links to Learning has bestowed on so many others along with utilizing throughout his life all the Programs that we offer. I am thrilled that my son aspires to continue my work and build upon the foundations and reputation I have so carefully and lovingly cultivated.

Hayden brings both personal and professional expertise. Hayden is experienced with Fast ForWord, The Listening Program, and Neurofeedback. Hayden also has a rich history of community service from a young age. At age, seven, he started attending an aged care facility weekly where he read to residents who had no family. From 14-17 he regularly went to Nursery Road Special State School with a group of students, to help teach employable skills and assist staff where necessary. At 16 he travelled to India where he taught English to a class of 25 students whilst staying in a local monastery, and at 17 he travelled to Cambodia and supported families affected by HIV.

Hayden has been studying and working within the disability sector for some time. He is a highly empathetic individual who believes a nurturing approach is the best way to provide support to those that need it.

I am delighted to support and mentor him as he takes my work into its third decade for the benefit of so many.

Adele Suda
Senior Occupational Therapist
 Adele Suda is a Senior Occupational Therapist, Counsellor, Lecturer and Allied Health Consultant with over 28 years’ experience working with children and families with disabilities. 
Learn more about the amazing work that Adele does by clicking here.
Anna MacDermott
Occupational Therapist
Anna MacDermott is an Occupational Therapist, who has been working with children and teens as an OT for five years with a passion to help them kick goals and be their best possible selves. Over the past years, Anna has witnessed The Listening Program success for many shared clients and went on to complete her training to become a qualified  TLP provider in 2021. Anna is here to help coach little humans and their families through their listening journey. She looks forward to meeting you!
Barbara Thredgold
Valuable Team Member
Barbara is our super spritely 80 year old team member and Tracey’s very special mum. Barbara is a valuable asset with over 40 years experience in running an office. Barbara is the lovely lady who prepares all our equipment and ensures it gets to the Post Office and successfully arrives at your front door.