The mission at Links to Learning is to enhance the health, learning, cognitive function and productivity of those who are seeking to realize their full potential.

Links to Learning was established to provide resources to individuals who experience learning or behavioural problems.

The principal belief of our work is based on 'Neuroplasticity' which is the brains ability to change.

We offer an evaluation to understand potential underlying causes of why an individual is not developing as expected 

How do I know if The Listening Program will help my child?

This simple checklist below will quickly give you an indication of the types of challenges The Listening Program can typically support.

Auditory Processing

Reduced Sound Sensitivities

Sensory Processing

Speech and Language

Reading and Spelling

Social Engagement



Motor Coordination

Learning Outcomes

If the above resonates then it’s time to organise an initial appointment for us to gain an understanding of your child’s difficulty and the potential underlying cause of those difficulties.

Tell me more about The Listening Program and the science behind it?

The Listening Program is a home-based therapy that is a safe, effective, drug-free approach to help improve brain processing, leading to more efficient auditory and sensory processing essential to effectively listen, learn and communicate.  Additionally, it supports behavioural challenges and reduces stress resulting in a calmer happier individual.

Click here for a list of current research

Like to have an obligation free, 5 min chat with our Director Tracey Butler to discuss your needs & understand if she can help you?

Links to Learning have an international alliance with Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT) ABT are continuing to develop innovative products which are a result of over 30 years of clinical research by experts in the field. ABT have the latest neuroscience and music research available. 

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