Getting Started

Intake Appointment

The intake appointment allows us to gain an understanding of the best approach to help you. We analyse prior history and presenting challenges. We connect in a zoom private video meeting room. It is an easy process where we provide you a link and you simply click on the link and we are connected.

We will

  • Review your Development History Form
  • Review Listening Checklist
  • Review any video footage supplied
  • Review any Specialist reports provided
  • *Formal Screening of Auditory Processing with written report (option 2 only)

Option 1. Initial intake appointment $195

Suitable for under 5 or those with limited verbal skills

Option 2. Initial intake appointment $295

Suitable for those over 5 years, verbal and able to repeat words and sentences heard through headphones. The Scan-3 is a screening assessment tool which tests how well the individual performs specific auditory processing skills with each ear under challenging auditory conditions. Test of Auditory Processing Skills (TAPS) screens auditory short-term memory and auditory working memory. with a written report.

When you are ready to schedule an intake appointment please contact our office so we can arrange a suitable time. You are also welcomed to schedule a 5-minute chat with our Director Tracey Butler, to answer any further questions you may have. We look forward to working together with you to assist you in your journey towards the best brain possible.

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