Day 7 – Change

As I sat hear doing my Listening Program today I thought about change, as you can see these people have embraced “no change” Everything that was- still is -and there is little evidence of “new”

It got me thinking about the children we work with and how sometimes the changes we see can be difficult for us as parents to accept. “Be careful what you wake up” words spoken to me by Alex Doman founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies nearly 15 years ago. I have never forgotten them and have been presented with many many delightful examples of his words over the years. To explain -think of the child who drifted along, had little opinion for what or how something happened suddenly with the new found confidence in their world they have evolved into quite a different individual that now has an opinion and wants to have a say on how things are done around the place.  This results in a more interesting parenting path and as a consequence we may need to change our own parenting methods J

When you see this change emerge through your child’s journey of the Listening Program celebrate the beautiful ignition of engagement they are experiencing as they connect more successfully with their world. Now it’s your turn to change and enjoy them and their new found confidence on a new level.

Now just for today I am going to sit here and do my second session of listening in this little space of no change…..thank you Pine Creek

Day 5 – Waterfalls…Experience shapes us

IMG_6471 - CopyEverything that happens today shapes our tomorrow.

As a sat and did my Listening Program today looking at this magnificent gift of nature, I thought about how the hours, days and years of water flow have moulded and changed the rocky surface to what it is today. Different to what it will be like next year.

I thought about our kids, the process of rolling and crawling creates and shapes neural pathways in the brain just like that water on the rock. So what if there is a drought? That process is interrupted, just like if the process of crawling is interrupted in our early walkers the integration in the brain is also potentially interrupted.

Unlike our waterfall we can give the brain a second opportunity to wire more efficiently therefore process more efficiently with targeted training using the right frequency intensity and duration. As naturally as drug free and as enjoyable as this water cascading down these rocks.

I’m off to finish my second 15 min session of The Listening Program before a swim…..

Day 2 The Promise of tomorrow- Ubirr

Ubirr is incredibly famous for its spectacular sunsets. It didn’t let me down….

Those who know me well, know that one of my greatest pleasures is a sunset. The colours in the sky for me are a time for valuable reflection on what has been coupled with the promise of a brand new tomorrow. So many parents say to me “I wish I had known about The Listening Program sooner” You know what? It really doesn’t matter because NOW really is the perfect time and everything that has come before has helped shape today. Without yesterday we wouldn’t appreciate and have gratitude for all the beautiful changes we know we will start to see through our headphones in our tomorrows.

In your sunset tonight reflect on how far your child has come in their already short lifetime, and feel the joyful anticipation for the tomorrows waiting to begin.