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Regardless of where you are in Australia I CAN HELP YOU

Listen to this mum who’s children I have been supporting for 12 months, all via our ZOOM private video meeting room. Not once has she needed to navigate traffic or wasted valuable time sitting around in waiting rooms.

Hear how The Listening Program has changed their lives for the better


Poor Behaviour is often not a result of Bad Parenting. By understanding the underlying cause of your child’s behaviour, we know how to help them. using drug free, non invasive, brain based methods.

Learn what the secret is…

Day 12- It’s Time

IMG_6555Time…Its time…. They say all good things must come to an end, when I look at my feet today I am thinking yes it’s time…time to return to the convenience of a hot shower and perhaps a good lather of soap!

I have loved almost every part of the journey the opportunity to experience my Listening Program in one of the most beautiful parts of Outback Australia over the past 12 days has been a

What an incredible journey, 12 days, 3,000km ….Now with a new found sense of peace it’s time for me to return home and continue my work…


Day 11 – Healthy Body Healthy Brain

IMG_6548Healthy Body, Healthy Brain

Just as my regular practice of yoga keeps my body healthy, my regular practice of The Listening Program keeps my brain healthy.

Today I thought about how there is much value and awareness on our children eating well for healthy bodies, but the value and awareness of good brain health in our kids is often missed.

Regular use of The Listening Program supports good brain processing; the importance of maintenance listening is very significant. I have many families still using their Listening Program (TLP) some 5 or more years later. After all it’s a drug free, non-invasive, gentle way to support the brain. I have numerous documented cases and an army of committed parents to support my position of the benefits of repeating a cycle of TLP annually. So to anyone reading this today not doing their listening, time to take it out the cupboard charge it up and start nurturing your brain once again.

Develop your own healthy practice today for both Body and Brain – Namaste x

Day 10 – There’s Always a Way

IMG_6356There’s Always a Way

Those of you who know my youngest well, know we have a long history of being caught reading at the wrong times….the top of monkey bars, 3am, whilst skateboarding and yes even in the shower! In fact, a while back he was banned from reading in the mornings until he was ready for school- go figure!

You would think it would be hard to read out here with no power, but no as you see there is Always a Way!

So too it is with our kids, when learning is difficult and it seems like it’s never going to happen. Remember there is Always a Way. Always a Way to Learn. Just as, once my son had the right “set up” he could read tonight, once the brain has the right “set up” it can learn.  We innately want to learn, only when there is some kind of road block does that learning become frustrating and a negative experience. When many of the kids I work with start The Listening Program they seem to magically start to progress in reading, language and literacy, its more that the brain now has the right “set up” and just like my son was incredibly happy sitting here tonight being able to read in darkness these kids become incredibly happy that their darkness has also been illuminated.

Shine a light on their learning potentials tonight

Day 9 – Its not Always Black and White

It’s not always Black and White

KSSQ6999Just as this photograph today looks black and white- let me tell you, truth is this waterfall has the most gorgeous colours far more beautiful than any camera could capture. When we look at our children in a black and white perspective we will always miss the rainbows of possibilities. The behaviours and difficulties they exhibit may seem black and white, but the underlying causes are as complex as the colours of a rainbow. Just as I can manipulate this black and white image and draw out all the beautiful colours, so too we can manipulate the way the brain is processing and draw out all the colours of possibility.

Let your child live their life in colour……


Day 8 – Stunningly Unique

Day 8 – Stunningly Unique – Nourlangie Rocks

IMG_1407When I climbed up here my first thoughts were what an incredibly harsh environment I was in. However, as I sat here doing my Listening Program I looked at the fascinating uniqueness in every single rock surrounding me. This got me thinking about the kids I work with; they are all stunningly unique. I thought about how sometimes that beautiful quality is viewed negatively because they don’t quite fit a mould or seem different to other kids. Whilst my therapy focuses on reducing sensory dysfunctions I never want to suppress their beautiful individual brightness. My goal is simply to help them process sensory input in their world more efficiently so that they may enjoy and thrive living in it and then shine brightly in their true stunning uniqueness just like these stunning rock transformations.

NourlangieCelebrate your child’s uniqueness just as my son celebrated the climb to the top of this rock today.

PS …No I couldn’t watch the climb up or down!