At ‘Links to Learning’, we offer a drug-free, non-invasive approach, which can help children with development delays, learning difficulties, sensory and auditory processing problems. Hear first hand from these Parents and Children how we helped them.

To find out whether your child may benefit from our help, we need an initial consultation, this will give you the opportunity to ask questions concerning your child and discuss any particular problems.

Investment for this is

$195 for Children under 5 or who have limited verbal skills

$295 for Children over 5 who are verbal. This consultation would additionally include formal Auditory Processing Evaluation using one or all of the following:

  • Test for Auditory Processing Disorders in Children (SCAN-3) The Scan-3 is a screening assessment tool which tests how well the individual performs specific auditory processing skills with each ear under challenging auditory conditions.

  • Test of Auditory Processing Skills (TAPS) Memory sub tests. TAPS screens auditory short-term memory and auditory working memory.

  • TAVS The Test of Auditory and Visual Processing Skills

  • SAST South Australian Spelling Test

  • BURT Reading Word Test

  • Holborn Reading Scale

On completion of this evaluation recommendations will be given regarding the most suitable program for your child. This will include one or more of the following programs.

THE LEVEL ONE LISTENING PROGRAM can typically be adapted to suit most listeners. It provides support to individuals experiencing challenges with;

  • Listening

  • Speech & language

  • Attention

  • Auditory processing

  • Reading & spelling

  • Dyslexia

With individualized programming the best possible outcome is optimized with both Classical music only, and music blended with beautiful sounds of nature.