The Listening Program

tlp_products_l1LEVEL ONE can typically be adapted to suit most listeners. It provides support to individuals experiencing challenges with;

  • Listening
  • Speech & language
  • Attention
  • Auditory processing
  • Reading & spelling
  • Dyslexia
With individualized programming the best possible outcome is optimized with options for Classical music only, or music blended with beautiful sounds of nature. 


tlp_products_spectrumSPECTRUM is a foundational program created for younger children and adults with sensory sensitivities. SPECTRUM is typically most suited to;

  • Those on the Autism Spectrum
  • Those with a Brain Injury
  • Aged or Elderly
  • Those with Sensory sensitivity 



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tlp_products_achieveACHIEVE is an intermediate to experienced level program developed for older children, teens, and adults seeking changes in;

  • learning
  • communication
  • reading
  • memory
  • attention
  • concentration
ACHIEVE increases mental performance by training the brain with evidence-based music to process information more efficiently.


intime thumbinTime is a dynamic, rhythm-based music program created for anyone looking for changes in;

  • focus
  • attention
  • motivation
  • organisation
  • rhythm awareness
  • coordination
  • adaptive responses to stress
 inTime provides listening training and fun movement activities, using body, drum, and voice.


tavs thumbTAVS (Test of Auditory and Visual Skills) is an excellent tool for pre and post testing when using The Listening Program or inTime, if you are already a provider of these music listening therapies. Even if you don't currently use them, TAVS provides valuable screening information for low level auditory and visual processing skills. These are well understood to be vital for the higher development of phonological awareness, speech, reading, memory, attention and other areas. When combined with reading assessments or other speech, listening or cognitive tests, TAVS can point towards specific areas of challenge.