The Listening Program

The Listening Program



The Listening Program is a home-based therapy that is a safe, effective, drug-free approach that helps the brain process sensory input more efficiently. This leads to reduced stress, a calmer central nervous system and improved auditory skills that are required to effectively listen, learn, and communicate. Listening Programs are suitable for children age 2 through to teens, adults, and seniors. Completely portable and easy to use, The Listening Program fits easily into anyone's schedule and usually only requires 15 to 30 minutes of daily listening. It can support those with

  • Autism, Brain Injuries, Stroke patients, Aging Brains.
  • Auditory and Sensory Processing difficulties,
  • Attention Challenges, Reading and Spelling Difficulties
  • Speech and Language difficulties
  • Behavioural Challenges
  • Those seeking overall wellness with brain processing

 Potential Benefits in the following areas:

  • Auditory Processing
  • Sensory Processing
  • Self-regulation
  • Social Engagement
  • Reading & Spelling
  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Motor Coordination
  • Language
  • Reduced sound sensitivities


There are four Core Listening Programs, the most suitable one will be recommended to you based on your needs. 

 Headphones - TLP approved headphones are required.





We supply and recommend the advanced Waves Multi-Sensory Air and Bone Conduction Headphones and Amplifier $1875.

Alternatively, basic air conduction headphones are typically around $250.

To access The Listening Program you have three options

  1. A fully supported individualised Program with 6 weekly reviews and check-up testing. 
  2. An independent Program with 1-month initial support.
  3. TLP Online, an independent approach. 


Option 1- A fully supported individualised Program.

This is for those who prefer a customised Program that is individualised and fully supported with regular review testing completed every 6 weeks.You own your own program, with prices starting at $1380. The most suitable TLP program(s) will be recommended to you based on your individual needs.

This option offers an individualised more professional approach as a fully monitored program. You will receive the expert guidance from our Director Tracey Butler a published researcher in the field with over 20 years’ experience. Generally, listeners will use TLP once or twice a day for 15 minutes, five days a week. The individualised listening schedule guides you on what to listen to and when. We monitor progress, on average every 6 weeks retesting and adjusting the listening schedule according to measured change and to meet individual needs. This will take place over the course of approximately 12 months. We then provide recommended annual maintenance protocols to further support the improvements achieved at no additional cost.

Reviews and Monitoring 6-month Care & Support Package $445

You will receive:

  • Guaranteed appointment allocation every *6 weeks
  • All formal reviews and testing conducted every *6 weeks.
  • Unlimited one on one email and phone support
  • All personalised listening schedules tailored to needs.
  • Complimentary loan of any other therapy equipment required.

*These care packages are valid for 6 months from commencing program.  *Review every 5-8 weeks pending illness, unexpected events, and holiday periods.

 Option 2 - The Listening Program, with 1-month initial support.

An independent approach, you own your own program, with prices starting at $1380. You will be provided with a listening plan based on your initial intake appointment. You will complete your program independently along with an initial 1-month support to help you get established. Cost for this $149.

Option 3 - The Listening Program Online

An independent unsupervised approach. This is a streamed Program that you access on your computer, tablet, or smartphone with IOS and Android apps available. An initial 1-month guidance and support via phone, email or zoom
is available for $249.
TLP Online monthly access is $59.95 for an individual subscription $105 for 2 people or $125 for a family of up to 5
listeners. This is charged directly to your credit card.
* A Review and Monitoring 6-month Care and Support Package is not available with this option.

You can view the most recent research regarding The Listening Program published in 2020 by our own Director Tracey Butler along with Dr Jay Lucker and Jane Schueler in the International Journal of Listening