TAVS (Test of Auditory and Visual Skills)

TAVS is an excellent tool for pre and post testing when using The Listening Program® or inTime™, if you are already a provider of these music listening therapies. Even if you don't currently use them, TAVS provides valuable screening information for low level auditory and visual processing skills. These are well understood to be vital for the higher development of phonological awareness, speech, reading, memory, attention and other areas. When combined with reading assessments or other speech, listening or cognitive tests, TAVS can point towards specific areas of challenge.

If you take reading as an example, there is a large amount of research showing that children and adults with reading problems will usually have underpinning auditory processing issues. So, you may test reading age by means of single word reading or vocabulary; but if a child has a reading problem we need to know if it is due to a lack of reading experience or whether the processing of auditory information is compromised. The reason to use TAVS as a screening tool, is to be able to check how well sound is being processed at the most basic level. If there are deficits at this level, we should develop these skills as well as just 'doing more reading'.

So if you wish to understand whether a child with a reading problem has a lower level deficit in terms of their auditory or visual processing, TAVS will give you much more information about the sensory functioning of the child you are working with. Certainly, this can better help you with knowing what intervention to use.

TAVS screens areas concerned with the timing and frequency of visual and auditory signals, the sequencing and order of sensory information. It assesses how the two ears and eyes interact and how well we are able to detect gaps and work with rhythm.

It is really quick and easy to use and with the standard tests being only 2-3 minutes each, you can complete a quick screening in around 20 minutes.

A TAVS screening is suitable for most children and adults from age 7 upwards with normal bilateral hearing.

TAVS comes in a carry case and includes headphones that are used for the auditory components of the testing. There is also a full User Guide with reproducible screening sheets. The User Guide includes reference norms. Most of the tests have norms from 5 years old upwards so you can quickly check if the person you are working with is within normal ranges for a wide variety of auditory and visual processing areas.

Prompt cards are included in the package for all the subtests as a reminder of all the possible screening options and prompt questions for you to ask.

TAVS is administered by certified professionals.

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