Day 4 -Team Work



These termites with incredibly small brains have the most stunning process of teamwork. Although so small – when they work together they create something so much bigger than themselves.

This made me think about our role as therapists/teachers/parents working with children, only when we work together can we truly achieve greatness. Good communication and team work is essential for the best outcome for our kids.  I always encourage a parent to complete The Listening Program with their child. Two significant benefits:

  1. A beautiful message of solidarity, we are doing this to be the best we both can be. Not something is broken and I am trying to fix you.
  2. As a parent of a child with a challenge we have our own stress that needs support so we can be part of that essential team that our child needs.

Day 3 The Lotus Flower – Everything is not always what it seems.


When we look at the dark, muddy water we may not know about the breathtaking beauty in the Lotus Flower preparing to burst open and shine in all its undefinable glory.

Today I thought about the 100’s of children I have seen over the years who have been judged categorised even labelled based on what is seen on the surface. What if we took the time to look deeper under the surface of obvious symptoms? What if just like the Lotus with the right conditions below the surface magically emerges a perfect Lotus Flower. So too with the right conditions under the surface emerges our child shining brightly to their true potential.

Through the gift of neuroplasticity, we know we can change the often invisible underlying conditions and then stand back and watch them grow into a spectacular individual a process that will take our breath away just like these Lotus Flowerlotuss did for me today.

Sorry I couldn’t get closer to the Billabong the crocodiles had me bluffed!

Day 2 The Promise of tomorrow- Ubirr

Ubirr is incredibly famous for its spectacular sunsets. It didn’t let me down….

Those who know me well, know that one of my greatest pleasures is a sunset. The colours in the sky for me are a time for valuable reflection on what has been coupled with the promise of a brand new tomorrow. So many parents say to me “I wish I had known about The Listening Program sooner” You know what? It really doesn’t matter because NOW really is the perfect time and everything that has come before has helped shape today. Without yesterday we wouldn’t appreciate and have gratitude for all the beautiful changes we know we will start to see through our headphones in our tomorrows.

In your sunset tonight reflect on how far your child has come in their already short lifetime, and feel the joyful anticipation for the tomorrows waiting to begin.