Day 6 – The Lonely Road Ahead

BPRO2998As I looked down this somewhat desolate road with no end in sight, I thought about how so many of my families feel this way.

It can feel like you are the only one travelling this path, uncertainty if you are going the right way, in trepidation at what may lay around the corner. A giant buffalo, a brown venomous snake? Much like the brutal bully at school or the venous words sometimes spoken by others who have no concept of what it is like to be travelling this path you have found yourself on.

Truth is even with the threat of buffalo or snake there is equally the opportunity for sweet birds singing their comforting song, butterflies blessing us as they fly by and at the end of the day the most incredible starry skies to share our deepest secrets hopes and aspirations with.

They too lay just around the corner on this incredible journey.

To the parents and children who have trusted me over the past 15 years to take this road with them and enjoy the sweet journey and all the beautiful outcomes we have seen along the way today I  give thanks and gratitude.

Day 3 The Lotus Flower – Everything is not always what it seems.


When we look at the dark, muddy water we may not know about the breathtaking beauty in the Lotus Flower preparing to burst open and shine in all its undefinable glory.

Today I thought about the 100’s of children I have seen over the years who have been judged categorised even labelled based on what is seen on the surface. What if we took the time to look deeper under the surface of obvious symptoms? What if just like the Lotus with the right conditions below the surface magically emerges a perfect Lotus Flower. So too with the right conditions under the surface emerges our child shining brightly to their true potential.

Through the gift of neuroplasticity, we know we can change the often invisible underlying conditions and then stand back and watch them grow into a spectacular individual a process that will take our breath away just like these Lotus Flowerlotuss did for me today.

Sorry I couldn’t get closer to the Billabong the crocodiles had me bluffed!