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I am very fortunate in my work that I receive positive feedback on a regular basis. I genuinely enjoy hearing about the beautiful changes so frequently seen in the kids that I work with. To know that I have helped is something I have sincere gratitude for and it really feeds me to keep moving forward learning more to find more ways to help these amazing kids.

This email that arrived in my inbox recently is one of those really special ones and I have gratitude to this mum for taking the time to write me. We are all guilty of quickly penning a letter when we are not happy about something, but silence is often a sign that we are doing things well J  Again thank you to all of you who have taken the time to give positive feedback, maybe we can all try and do that better in other areas of our lives with the people we share our daily lives with….

"Thank you so much for this fantastic news. We can see David’s improvements on a daily basis because they have made life easier for him every day. His brain’s ability to better process information has resulted in a much more confident boy who now believes he is as capable as the next child. He is no longer confused as to why he missed something or for being told off for some unknown reason (to him) and then getting upset because “I wasn’t being naughty, I was trying to be good”. It has also given him the gifts of inclusion and self-management. He actually wants to go a football match because now he can process the crowd noise without being frightened or overwhelmed, or ask for headphones when he needs a break from it. He can understand instructions in a noisy classroom or if he can’t ask the teacher to shutterstock_29643886repeat her words. Parallel to this program, his literacy and numeracy skills have also steadily improved out of sight – we still have some work to do but now he mostly relishes those challenges rather than shying away from them. He told me today that he loves that he can now read books by himself, and he wants to read regularly “just like my brother”. A bonus for us is that David has been exposed to a different type of music too. He often enjoys calming down listening to his classical music.  So thank you Tracey, a huge thank you. We can’t actually thank you enough for being so helpful, wonderful and supportive to David and to us. You have opened up a new important world to us around nurturing the brain, and you have given us such joy and relief to see David’s huge improvements. Today your recognition of his efforts have made him a very proud boy. What a thing to be able to do, “all in a day’s work”!
See you next time
- Justine"


Great Results achieved in a Victorian School

I recently received some results back from a school that have implemented The Listening Program as part of their literacy support. With more and more children presenting with learning difficulties schools are stepping up with resources to help these kids. The Listening Program has proven to be an effective remediation tool to support these kids. I commend this school on recording excellent data and additionally appreciate this school for sharing their data.

Does your child’s school offer TLP? We are happy to provide information for you to pass on regarding the training requirements necessary for them to be able to run TLP within your school.

Improvements in Comprehension

Average gain in 16 weeks is 68 weeks!

graph 1

Improvements in Spelling

Average gain in 16 weeks was 50 weeks. 

graph 2

Advanced Brain Technologies Conference 

abt conf

Tracey & AlexI have just returned from the ABT Conference in the States, highlights included; The opportunity to present my case study on Charmaine and her recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury, meeting the creators of the inTime Program Nacho Arimany and my beautiful friend Sheila Allen OT, The opportunity to listen to Dr Jay Lucker and learn more about APD and how we help it, Meeting Sadako Vargus and learning about the meta analysis that she has completed on TLP research and case studies around the globe, and finally the exciting research conducted by Oleg Efimov Paediatric Neurologist and Victoria Efimov Speech Pathologist. Their study with 36 children with development disorders was evaluating the use of inTime as part of a neurodynamic program in St Petersburg, Russia.

Follow this link to read the research in the journal of International Education Studies



Faina Lazarevna Ratner, Victoria Leonidovna Efimova, Oleg Igorevich Efimov


ABSTRACT - The article describes the results of application of the inTime neuroacoustic training by Advanced Brain Technologies (USA) when they were organizing assistance to children who had learning disabilities. This training optimizes the functional state of the brain by using sounds of various frequency and rhythm. The effectiveness of the inTime technique was monitored by the Complex Auditory Subcortical Evoked Responces (CASER) functional diagnostic test developed by the specialists of the Prognoz Children’s Neurological Center (St. Petersburg, Russia). The article shows that the inTime program improves the effectiveness of intervention to overcome learning disabilities. This method is suggested to be used in schools in order to support learning process of children with learning disabilities as well as to prevent to help children of the risk group.

nacho intime Nacho




Nacho performing at the ABT Conference 







Wishing you positive learning outcomes and happiness in your every day. May this day be a day of creating happy family memories

And REMEMBER the quote on my office wall……

"Never has a friend, that friend is Neuroplasticity" 

Our Director Tracey Butler will be travelling to the USA next month to present the case of a 17 year old girl with a catastrophic open head traumatic brain injury. Tracey will reveal how listening with TLP Spectrum & other tools from Advanced Brain Technologies including inTime has opened the door from a time when she was unresponsive with a medical team ready to turn her off life support, to where the Charmaine and Tracey March 2015 unwavering faith of her parents,& her spirit has brought her to today. They said she would NEVER walk, NEVER talk, NEVER eat.


NEVER –  Definition ; at no time in the past or future; not ever. not at all. NEUROPLASTICITY – Definition The brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticityallows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.


So my therapy of TLP Spectrum followed 2 years later with inTime has been a drug free noninvasive not only life changing but accurately life giving intervention. What a beautiful clear demonstration of Neuroplasticity Charmaine is! ~  the opportunity given to the brain to make new neural pathways.  Another thought to leave you with…Imagine just for a moment if Charmaine’s family had waited for the “research”. 



Please Be careful when you use CONSIDER USING the word NEVER, it has a friend, a friend called NEUROPLASTICITY


MINDD Conference 2015

Last month we were involved in the Mindd FoundationConference. The Mindd Foundation supports both practitioners and patients providing resources and information on effective treatments for Metabolic, Immunologic, Neurologic, Digestive, Developmental conditions that often affect the mind. The broad range of expertise of Presenters was inspiring; there was over 600 Delegates, spread between Adult & Child health lectures, along with Practitioners completing training in bio medical intervention.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to present to both Parents and Practitioners about The Listening Program in correlation to Autism, ADHD, Neurodevelopmental Delays, & Behavioural Disorders.  


Food is Medicine

In a previous Link Issue, I wrote about the Gut Brain Connection. Everything that I learnt, and many that I spoke to at the Mindd Conference supported the principal; the Diet has an incredible impact on the body, the brain and it’s functioning. Research is showing that these children are coming from families with a history of “brain-immuno-gut disorders” triggered by toxins, malnutrition and infections. 

Modern food processing denatures our foods, therefore the majority of food on our shelves is already undernourishing our bodies and depriving us of our much needed nutrition. It’s time for us to take back control and be empowered to feed and nourish our children. Stop buying packaged foods and cook like your grandma did. The rewards are ten fold, improved health, improved mood and improved learning outcomes. It is your given right to feed your family so that they may thrive, don’t give that power over to multinational companies that are mainly interested in their bottom line profit NOT your families wellbeing.


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Recommended Reading Dr Natasha Campbell- McBride “Gut and Psychology Syndrome”

I strongly urge my families to explore Dr Natasha’s work, there is a whole chapter dedicated to ear infections!


We must address the gut if we want to get the best from the brain.