How Can I Access The Listening Program

At ‘Links to Learning’, we offer a drug-free, non-invasive approach, which can help children with development delays, learning difficulties, sensory and auditory processing problems.   

To find out whether your child may benefit from our help, we need an initial consultation, this will give you the opportunity to ask questions concerning your child and discuss any particular problems.  Cost for this is $195

If your child is verbal and over 5 years the consultation would additionally include formal Auditory Processing Screening potentially using one or all of the following: Cost for this is $295

  • Test for Auditory Processing Disorders in Children (SCAN-3) The Scan-3 is a screening assessment tool which tests how well the individual performs specific auditory processing skills with each ear under challenging auditory conditions.
  • Test of Auditory Processing Skills (TAPS) Memory sub tests. TAPS screens auditory short-term memory and auditory working memory.
  • TAVS The Test of Auditory and Visual Processing Skills
  • SAST South Australian Spelling Test
  • BURT Reading Word Test
  • Holborn Reading Scale

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Through the gift of her own son’s diagnosis of an Auditory Processing Disorder 15 years ago, Tracey was projected on a path passionately driven to find a solution to overcome this often hidden disability and the significant challenges it brings to the table.

She found the answer in The Listening Program.  And today Tracey is incredibly proud of her son Ben, who in his final year of schooling authored the book “I Can Hear You…but I Don’t Know What You’re Saying. Ben is now an A Class Licence Qualified Electrician

The success of the program with her son led to pioneering this technology in Australia and through her Links to Learning company she has since transformed the lives of thousands of children. More far reaching is the accomplishment of her vision to integrate these programs into the school system. With now more than 100 schools in Australia and New Zealand trained to provide access to students in need.

Tracey is the Australasian representative of Advanced Brain Technologies. Her outstanding reputation in the industry is evidenced by a wealth of in-depth knowledge derived from working with families for over a decade and delivering world class professional training across a range of sectors. By devising programs from a range of ABT products including TLP, InTime, Achieve and Spectrum she has obtained the most spectacular results that meet the needs of individuals with a range of challenges from autism to brain injury.

Tracey is an international speaker, trainer and practitioner. She has presented her expertise at conferences, seminars and workshops around the world including USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Tracey continues to work one on one with families throughout Australia with her practice Links To Learning. Tracey believes it is the children and their outcomes who can teach us most. The gift of their transformation feeds her hunger to continue to learn more. Her training and support of over 500 Practitioners throughout Australia and New Zealand has certainly contributed to an increased awareness of neuroplasticity.

Her vision is that children may have the opportunity for earlier intervention leading to stronger learning outcomes, easier social interactions, more positive behaviours and ultimately happier families.

These kids are the future of our world……and the centre of every parent’s universe.

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