How much does The Listening Program cost?

How Much Does The Listening Program Cost?

There are four Core Listening Programs, each specialising to different needs.

  • Autism, Brain Injuries, Stroke patients,

  • Auditory and Sensory Processing difficulties,

  • Attention Challenges, Reading and Spelling Difficulties

  • Speech and Language capabilities

The most suitable TLP program will be recommended to you based on needs. Programs include a 32gb iPod Touch and start at $1555 exc gst.

TLP approved headphones are required for all Listening Programs. Basic air conduction headphones start at $225 and Advanced Air and Bone Conduction Multi-Sensory Headphones and Amplifier $1705 exc gst

Are there ongoing fees for my Program?

The Listening Program is a monitored program that is fully supported and will initially begin according to presenting needs.  Formal reviews are conducted every six weeks to accommodate and support new goals and / or changing needs as one progresses through the program.

Reviews and Monitoring 6-month Care Package $395

This includes:

  • Guaranteed appointment allocation every *6 weeks

  • All formal reviews and testing conducted every *6 weeks

  • Unlimited one on one email and phone support

  • All personalised listening plans tailored to your child’s needs

  • Complimentary loan of any other therapy equipment deemed necessary

On average, programs last for approximately one year, before being set up with maintenance. This maintenance is repeated annually using your existing equipment at absolutely no cost to you.

What can I expect in my 6 weekly review appointments?

You will have a dedicated 30-minute appointment to discuss your child’s progress along with formal check-up testing (provided a full screening was initially completed and baseline data gathered). Based on the outcome of this session a new plan will be designed and provided to you.