Had to share…my beautiful daughter (by love) singing to her unborn son. Knowing what I know about the power of music this just makes me want to burst. How blessed this little baby is

PS Not a music lesson in her life just a perfect gift. 

Add music to your child”s life and watch the magic unfold 

It is so important that we share the value of early intervention. If some reason a child’s brain has not developed as efficiently as it could have we can give the brain a second change NO MATTER what age we are. The gift of Neuro plasticity is available to us each and every day. 

If someone you care about is with child, share with them the simple things they can do to help nourish that baby’s developing brain before it is even born…..

When you go to bed at night, play Sleepy Baby through a speaker next to your tummy, your baby can hear this music and begins to understand that this music means it’s quiet time. Once the baby is born play the same music in their nursery when you place them down to sleep. 

If you have a baby that is unsettled and continually wakes at night then set Sleepy baby on repeat and keep it going at a soft volume all night. It is incredibly successful in supporting a good night’s uneventful sleep. 


Cheerful Baby is a wonderful addition to a morning or afternoon of interaction, especially if your little one is feeling a little grumpy. By playing this in the car or in the home you are providing some very healthy auditory training to the brain



Peaceful baby is the go to album at the end of the day when it’s not quite bedtime but little one is feeling fractious and your nerves are a little frayed. Immersive you both in the delicate sound of Peaceful baby and feel the restoration to calm


Playful Baby is a favourite, it is so important to set time aside each day to “play” with your baby. This valuable interaction lays a healthy foundation for early speech language and fine and gross motor development. It also provides a perfect moment for you to sit yourself down and get in touch with your inner child and just have some fun


We can provide you with the full set of Music for Babies for $95 less than a night out to dinner! Email us today and have your CD’s within days info@links2learning.com.au 












We can provide you with the full series of Music for Babies for less than it costs to go out for dinner! 

The Roller Coaster of Parenting

My son and his wife are expecting their first child in January, he asked me the other day “mum can you give me a program that will make sure our child doesn’t have any problems”

Unfortunately, that “program” doesn’t exist.

However, what we can do is give the brain the best opportunity to develop and mature to support successful learning and growth as a unique individual.

As a parent we all just want everything to be perfect, but I have learned as I am sure many of you have that raising a child is a roller coaster of emotions, high and low.  What we do know and have irrefutable evidence of, is that if our brain has not developed as well as it may have, then based upon the gift of neuroplasticity we can provide a second opportunity.

Give your child’s brain the gift of a second opportunity, use the power of neuroplasticity to help them become the best they can be. Give them the opportunity to access learning more easily and efficiently, to develop and maintain friendships, to feel a sense of confidence and self-worth.

Between now and the start of 2019 we can make a big difference, act now and be prepared for a better year ahead

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Poor Behaviour is often not a result of Bad Parenting. By understanding the underlying cause of your child’s behaviour, we know how to help them. using drug free, non invasive, brain based methods.

Learn what the secret is…

Why Does my Child find making Friends so Challenging?

Understand why your child may prefer to play alone, why they appear to have no friends. More importantly learn how you can help them overcome this difficulty, leading to a much happier child (and of course you as a parent!)



I Just Don’t Understand You

I Just Don’t Understand….Sound Familiar?

Is This Your (or Your Child’s) Everyday??

We all need to feel understood……how frustrating is it when you feel like someone doesn’t understand what you are saying?
Equally we all need to feel like WE understand…..how anxious or stressed do we feel when we aren’t quite sure whats going on?