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When something is difficult most of us will avoid it 

So what happens if learning is difficult?

Your child will likely adopt all kinds of strategies to avoid doing a task that they

1. Find Difficult or

2. Believe they might fail at

It makes me incredibly sad when I meet a young person who has acquired the belief that they are "naughty" or "bad" or somehow not "enough" We understand that if a child has auditory or sensory processing difficulties it WILL have an impact on both learning and behaviour. The longer this invisible underlying challenge is unrecognised the more layers we are likely to develop on the onion. 

Most kids behaviour challenges are a result of an underlying cause.

Most Kids are not trying to be difficult

If your child is experiencing Learning or Behaviour Difficulties the sooner you address this and provide the support or intervention required the better.


Regardless of where you are in Australia I CAN HELP YOU

Listen to this mum who’s children I have been supporting for 12 months, all via our ZOOM private video meeting room. Not once has she needed to navigate traffic or wasted valuable time sitting around in waiting rooms.

Hear how The Listening Program has changed their lives for the better


The Roller Coaster of Parenting

My son and his wife are expecting their first child in January, he asked me the other day “mum can you give me a program that will make sure our child doesn’t have any problems”

Unfortunately, that “program” doesn’t exist.

However, what we can do is give the brain the best opportunity to develop and mature to support successful learning and growth as a unique individual.

As a parent we all just want everything to be perfect, but I have learned as I am sure many of you have that raising a child is a roller coaster of emotions, high and low.  What we do know and have irrefutable evidence of, is that if our brain has not developed as well as it may have, then based upon the gift of neuroplasticity we can provide a second opportunity.

Give your child’s brain the gift of a second opportunity, use the power of neuroplasticity to help them become the best they can be. Give them the opportunity to access learning more easily and efficiently, to develop and maintain friendships, to feel a sense of confidence and self-worth.

Between now and the start of 2019 we can make a big difference, act now and be prepared for a better year ahead

Book a 5 min chat with me to talk about your child and how one of the Programs I use may be one of the greatest gifts you give them

Learn how brain processing affects learning and behaviour and hear firsthand from families just like yours how their lives changed for the better

Poor Behaviour is often not a result of Bad Parenting. By understanding the underlying cause of your child’s behaviour, we know how to help them. using drug free, non invasive, brain based methods.

Learn what the secret is…

Why Does my Child find making Friends so Challenging?

Understand why your child may prefer to play alone, why they appear to have no friends. More importantly learn how you can help them overcome this difficulty, leading to a much happier child (and of course you as a parent!)



I Just Don’t Understand You

I Just Don’t Understand….Sound Familiar?

Is This Your (or Your Child’s) Everyday??

We all need to feel understood……how frustrating is it when you feel like someone doesn’t understand what you are saying?
Equally we all need to feel like WE understand… anxious or stressed do we feel when we aren’t quite sure whats going on?