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Can you believe it, we are at the end of term one already!

I am sure that many of you are now reflecting on how this new school year has started.

♫  Has the new teacher made a difference or is your child still finding things more challenging than their classmates?

♫  Are they still exhausted or overwhelmed at the end of their school day?

♫  Have they struggled with making new friends?

♫  Does homework often end in tears?

Many of us hope for our children “turn a corner” and wait for the miracle of a breakthrough in their learning.  So much faith is placed in the “new” teacher we have this year….” Maybe they will understand my child better and help them feel excited about their learning”.

 Unfortunately, much of the common struggles witnessed in our children are not the fault of poor teaching, but more likely the result of hidden underlying causes – their brain is simply not set up for learning to take place.

Aren’t you curious to understand IF this is the case with your child…..IF there is an underlying INVISIBLE difficulty that is preventing them from reaching their TRUE potential?

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View this video to understand the Screening Process