Day 11 – Healthy Body Healthy Brain

IMG_6548Healthy Body, Healthy Brain

Just as my regular practice of yoga keeps my body healthy, my regular practice of The Listening Program keeps my brain healthy.

Today I thought about how there is much value and awareness on our children eating well for healthy bodies, but the value and awareness of good brain health in our kids is often missed.

Regular use of The Listening Program supports good brain processing; the importance of maintenance listening is very significant. I have many families still using their Listening Program (TLP) some 5 or more years later. After all it’s a drug free, non-invasive, gentle way to support the brain. I have numerous documented cases and an army of committed parents to support my position of the benefits of repeating a cycle of TLP annually. So to anyone reading this today not doing their listening, time to take it out the cupboard charge it up and start nurturing your brain once again.

Develop your own healthy practice today for both Body and Brain – Namaste x

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