Day 8 – Stunningly Unique

Day 8 – Stunningly Unique – Nourlangie Rocks

IMG_1407When I climbed up here my first thoughts were what an incredibly harsh environment I was in. However, as I sat here doing my Listening Program I looked at the fascinating uniqueness in every single rock surrounding me. This got me thinking about the kids I work with; they are all stunningly unique. I thought about how sometimes that beautiful quality is viewed negatively because they don’t quite fit a mould or seem different to other kids. Whilst my therapy focuses on reducing sensory dysfunctions I never want to suppress their beautiful individual brightness. My goal is simply to help them process sensory input in their world more efficiently so that they may enjoy and thrive living in it and then shine brightly in their true stunning uniqueness just like these stunning rock transformations.

NourlangieCelebrate your child’s uniqueness just as my son celebrated the climb to the top of this rock today.

PS …No I couldn’t watch the climb up or down!

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