Day 1 The Listening Program Red Dust and Silence

ProbIMG_1470ably the biggest observation for me straight away, is the silence. I cant remember the last time I “heard” silence or should I say didn’t ‘hear” noise?

I have been reflecting on how our kids feel in this increasingly busy world they live in, when do they have the chance to escape and just be? It helped me understand on a different level why so many kids appear so much calmer, so much happier within days/weeks of starting their Listening Program. I believe their daily 2 x 15 min of Listening Program not only provides a valuable opportunity for better brain integration it also provides them with a safe haven of peace a break from the demands of attention imposed upon all of us every minute of our day. Many of the parents who complete their listening with their child report I feel so much calmer and I’m not as stressed as usual. Well today, I can experience this beautiful listening process in an already peaceful place. Welcome to Outback Australia…..



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